Friday, June 18, 2010

The Brazilian Tom Jones

FIG/ WinterFest 2010

The main acts for "Festival de Inverno", the WinterFest, have been announced. This is the huge 10 day music festival here in Garanhuns. The main acts appear at Praça Gualadajara.

July 15 = Alceu Valença

July 16 Neguinho da Beija-Flor e Gal Costa

July 17 Skank

July 18 The Fevers & Adilson Ramos

July 19 Elba Ramalho

July 20 Reginaldo Rossi

July 21 Devotos, Pitty

July 22 MV Bill & Marcelo D2

July 23 Paralamas do Sucesso

July 24 Lulu Santos

You need to take my word for it, these acts are HUGE here in Brazil. Each has its own following, and the crowds should be bigger this year. The Tourist Board estimates that over a million people visit throughout the 10 days of the festival.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Of Course There Is NO Meida Bias..

And all this time you thought the media bias tilted to the right! Here is major cunt (sorry ma) Helen Thomas, a veteran White House correspondent for Hearst showing us how she is impartial in her reporting:

There you have it folks. A darling of the left. Fair and balanced reporting. Goes to show what those hypocrites are capable of. Where is the outcry of "insensitivity" and "racism" and "prejudice"?