Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On Fidel "Stepping Down"

Quite a bit on the web and news about Fidel "retiring". In this post here I have links to a few articles I found via my Google Reader. For Cuba related news, you can find plenty at Babalu Blog and Review of Cuban American Blogs. I may not always agree with the positions and views they take, but there is news and conversation a plenty there. Two more articles/ posts I want to call attention to is this one, from The Economist, and this one, at Marginal Revolution. What does this mean for Cuba? Probably nothing. At least not now. Raul is in charge. There is still a dictatorship in place. There are political prisoners and no civil liberties. Until that changes, same shit different smell.


Ms Calabaza said...

funny you should say that. My first thought was same old sh^t, different dictator. If you can, read Liz Balmaseda's piece today at the Palm Beach Post. It made me tear up and I'm not the type to cry about things.

Daniel @ Garanhuns said...

I read the Balmaseda piece, thanks for pointing it out. I was never a fan of hers when she was at The Herald, but it was a good piece.