Wednesday, February 24, 2010

History Repeats Itself, Family Edition Olympic Special

I used to be a big fan of the Olympics. Of course this was when the Cold War was in full swing. To be honest, I miss having nations to "root" against. I used to laugh my ass off whenever an Eastern Bloc "amateur" failed miserably. Anyways, Erito "Junior", Adriana's oldest, studies during the day, so he spends the afternoons now watching some of the coverage. His favorite sport so far is Figure Skating, cause he just loves to laugh like I did whenever someone takes a spill. He just sits and waits regardless of the nation they represent, hoping for a stumble. It doesn't matter the sport anymore, he just wants to see someone fall or get smacked. He's a big 3 stooges fan. His mom started to get cheesed off, but I said "Hey, I did the same thing.." It has been fun watching him enjoy the Olympics, and he wants to know why they don't show it more often. I explained the 4 years thing, but now he is getting ready for the Summer Olympics. What amused me was how he sat there doing the same exact thing when I was his age. Good to know I was not alone.

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markuza said...

I haven't been watching, but my wife was really taken by the ice dancing.