Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Lost Finale: Beware the Snowglobe!!

Remember how St. Elsewhere ended? The camera panned out and showed the building inside a snowglobe. There was an autistic boy playing with it, and it shows one of the doctors to in fact be a worker inside his home, and he says "I wonder what Timmy (I forget his name, lets call him Timmy) dreams about all day long". It kinda hinted that the entire series took place in the head of the kid. Well, sit by and wait for it, cause that is what they are setting up.


Yono Senada said...

My ALL-TIME favorite show and IMHO, the BEST ending of a series ever! I loved St. Elsewhere and only have the 1st season and unlike most series the lst and 2nd seasons were not as great as the latter ones. According to ImDb rumor has it that the rest of the years have not come out because of copyright problems over music (of all things). St. Elsewhere used lots of 80's soundtrack music in various episodes. I think it was the last series that really developed their characters to real people. I don't watch TV anymore except for an occasional baseball game with the family or breaking news because, well ... TV just ain't what it used to be IMHO. There's my rant for the day! I'll have to rent the past 5 seasons of Lost to catch up ;)

Daniel @ Garanhuns said...

I didn't know that about why the other seasons arent out in dvd!!