Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bloggar Garanhuns

This morning I went to a very interesting event called BLOGGAR. A clever play on words, GAR are the initials for Garanhuns, and a Blog, well you know what that is. The event brought together local and regional bloggers for an exchange of ideas. While many of those already knew each other previously, some were simply "online" acquaintances. The idea is to help everyone produce a nice looking blog, maximize reach and audience, and for those interested in making some $$, getting ads on to the site. Today was pretty much an overview of the blogging world, with ideas to hold future similar events. I mention this because maybe the other ex-pats may want to consider holding a similar event where you live. I will advise again when we hold our next one and let you guys know how it goes.


markuza said...

Sounds like a good idea, except all the bloggers here seem to be quitting or leaving the city

OZT said...

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Daniel @ Garanhuns said...

We actually had an impressive turnout!! We are planning more in the future, with workshops and the like. Look into trying them out in your town!