Monday, April 19, 2010

O Bicho Vai Pegar

O bicho vai pegar. It's a "gíria", and expression. It's also the name they gave to the animated film franchise "Open Season". O bicho vai pegar is the Brazilian equivalent of "The shits gonna hit the fan". This one needs a bit of explaining:

Sete, after three years in the first division of the state championship, was finally relegated this season. The first two years we spent the entire season in the relegation zone only to escape on the last day. This year we were relegated before the season even ended. Now, most every other team receives help from the "prefeitura", city hall. Not here. Most everything is just empty promises. The directors this year decided they had enough and made a statement. All around the stadium they painted in big block letters "City Hall does not help (promote) soccer in Garanhuns." This is gonna be a topic for some time to come around town!!

All I can say is at least I got my salary paid in full and on time every time I did a job for them these last two years, which is more than I can say for the first season

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