Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well, the stadium was approved!! Late last year, there was an incident at a stadium in Bahia, part of the structure gave way, and some fans were killed. As is the habit in most places, they locked the barn door after the horses had escaped. Now all the federations and agencies crack down and make sure the stadiums are "up to code". It is not just the structure, but a lot of ticky tacky things, though most of them are for the safety of the fans. You need separate entrances and exits, to avoid trouble, you need separate bathrooms, separate lunch counters. You even need to separate the seating sections. Depending on the size of the stadium you X number of this, X number of that. The field (grass) needs to be a certain quality. Before the season starts, the stadium needs to be approved by a whole host of agencies,: the federation, the fire department, the police department, the health department, the mayor, the mayor's mother, the mayor's mother's neighbor, you get the point. After you get all those approval's, you still need to get a judge to sign off on the ok. And it all needs to get done 48 hours before the start of the game. Well last night at the 11th hours, (actually we did it with about an hour to go) we got our approval and we will host Sport Club Recife tomorrow night. Like I mentioned before, they are the team with the largest fan base, so we should get a nice crowd, part of the reason we had so many requirements for this game. The game is being televised in the state as well. The entire region is looking to us and this game and everyone wants to out out their best effort. Hopefully we will be successful on the field as well!!

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