Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Family Addition!!

Sorry Ma, it is not THE addition you were waiting for, but it is an addition nonetheless!! Presenting, PINGA!! See, the doggie is Pingo, so his "sister" will be called Pinga. Now, the word does not mean here the same thing it means to Cubans, so I get a kick out of it. Hey, it's just me being me.


Ms Calabaza said...

Really cute pup. Question: What happens if/when you move back? Do you change the dog's name? Do you keep a straight face and continue to call for her loudly in public? Yikes!

Daniel @ Garanhuns said...

I keep such a straight face, but I laugh so hard inside. In Brasil, "pinga" is a "drip", like a faucet, "a pia esta pingando" or "o teto esta pingando" means the faucet (pia) or roof (teto) is dripping. It is also slang for sugar cane alcohol, similar to aguardiente. Now there are a few Cubans here, mostly doctors or dentists and their families, and they get a kick out of asking for a bottle or glass of pinga.
Thanks for the visit!!

Soulberry said...


I love animals and had two pets - one a dog called Sheroo (translated :lion-spirited) and a tabby called Garfield...he, for obvious reasons.

Sheroo was the most wonderful, as was Garfie. Sheroo passed away in 2003 while Garfie passed away in November 2007.

I didn't bring in another pet after Sheroo, and I don't feel like one after Garfie either.

Sheroo could recognize my car from at least 200-500 meters away.

Garfie loved to browse the net and would often sit in my lap, glued to the screen. He would often type something. This could go on for hours.

During winters, sometimes he'd become playful and also want some more he'd climb onto the monitor which would be warm, and play his tail across the screen rhythmically like a windscreen wiper.

He was quite a dandy with the female cats of the are...fought hard battles for their attentions...was even scarred in the bargain many times, was a chivalrous lover...would invite his mates to share the goodies at my home, a protective and gentle father when they'd litter his kittens...there too, my house would become the labour room/nursery, before they would go away on their own. Gar field and Sheroo are two friends that I'll forever miss and cannot be replaced in my life.

Daniel @ Garanhuns said...

That's a nice story and thanks for sharing. I know it's tough when you lose a pet. We had a dog that the whole family loved. It truly won my mom's heart and she treated it as if it were a grandchild. While you can never "replace" a pet, you find that you have/ feel a whole another set of emotions when you get a new one. It's like kids, or parents, it is not that you love one over the other, but what you feel for each one is different.