Friday, January 18, 2008

Sete Ties Sport Recife

Well, we tied Wednesday night. Considering we played the State Champions, a team that did not lose a game in the state championship last year, a team we have never beaten, a team that plays in the first division of the national championship, I think we did pretty good. Sport Club Recife is with out a doubt a much better team, better players, better facilities, etc. The score was tied at the half, 0-0. Sport grabbed a quick goal in the second, but our players did not give up, fought back, much like last week, and scored to tie it up. Our next game is Sunday, against Salgueiro, the team we lost the championship to. That, with the fact they pirated two of our players will make for a good rivalry.


Ms Calabaza said...

Good Luck on Sunday.

Daniel @ Garanhuns said...

Thanks!! This game can make or break us in the first phase. We need a strong placement in this phase to better our chances of remaining in the first division.