Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lox and Black Beans

Well I stand corrected. Last week I wrote a post about my mom and the emails she sends. I was wrong, I apologize, and will address it shortly. Right now I would like to thank her for forwarding a link to the following article, about a photo exhibit regarding Cuban Jews called "Lox with Black Beans".

In Lox with Black Beans, some well-known Cuban Jews are featured in striking portraits: Painter Baruj Salinas in his studio; George Feldenkreis, chairman and CEO of Perry Ellis International, at his beach estate; television personality Mauricio Zeilic at work.

Read the whole article here.


Ms Calabaza said...

Interesting combination Jews and Cubans! As a Cuban-American who grew up in a predominantly jewish neighborhood, I've always felt that the two cultures mesh very well. I found lots of characteristics in these two cultures such as respect for advanced education and a great extended family structure. "Jewbans" though, are a special group.

Daniel @ Garanhuns said...

I know of "Jewbans" that celebrated both Noche Buena (for the Cuban tradition) and Hanukkah (for their faith). And I knew a girl who would have Bagels with lox and guayaba, which really weren't that bad.