Monday, January 21, 2008

The Deceptive 2-0

I have always felt that an early 2-0 lead in soccer is deceptive. It gives a false sense of security. At 1-0, you know it is only one goal, you need to keep alert, on your toes. At 2-0, you feel a bit better, more secure, at let your guard down. A quick goal by the opponent, and suddenly they are back in the game. You are nervous about allowing a tie, and boom, thats what they do. All of a sudden, you are tied in a game where you had a "comfortable" lead. You try to regroup, and suddenly you find yourself losing 3-2. that is exactly what happened to Sete yesterday. We were leading 2-0 early in the second half, let our guard down, and lost 3-2. Salgueiro is a team that seems to have our number. Last season in the second division, we went 12 games with no losses (8 wins, 4 ties), but when we faced them in the final we lost both games 1-0. This season, we had two ties against better teams, but Salgueiro found a way to beat us once again. The season is long, and not all is lost, but hopefully when we face Salgueiro away this Wednesday we can grab a victory and three points and feel better about our chances in the first division.


Ms Calabaza said...

Bummer! Good luck on Wednesday.

Daniel @ Garanhuns said...